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Beyond Verbal (BV) is a research-based project bringing together artists and pedagogues to develop new strategies for early childhood education with a special focus on gender equality. The project is funded by Erasmus + Strategic Partnership and it is structured around four Learning Teaching Training (LTT) mobilities, three Multiplier Events, and the production of four Intellectual Outputs.

In each LTT event, one of the artists invites the whole BV Team to a workshop in progress. With the contribution of each participant, at the end of three workdays, the workshop is ready to be facilitated by pedagogues with the children and colleagues in their preschool and community. The pedagogues make the workshops and evaluate the process, report their feedback. Meanwhile, another artist of the BV Team creates a complimentary workshop to the previous one.


At the end of LTT mobilities, it is aimed to have 3 step workshop model still modifiable with the local needs and curriculum of each pedagogue.

The site visits, lectures, round table discussions, buzz groups' meetings, and dinners accompany the whole process and they are important elements encouraging teamwork and the two disciplines arts and pedagogy being in harmony.

The Intellectual Outputs ends up as a tool kit, a publication, video documentation. At the end of the project the multiplier events; the conference, the exhibition, and the book launch will take part in each location; Stockholm, İstanbul, and Aarhus.


LTT 2: Workshop 1: Individual
created by Jenny Berntsson
inspiration by Leif Holmstrand, Cindy Shermann and Zanele Muholi



Group up


Who do you want to be today? Play around with the material.  Make conscious choices of material. 


Look at the images of Leif Holmstrand, Cindy Shermann and Zanele Muholi


Take five photos: from behind, front, full length, one photo of an interaction 
and one group photo 


Take a photo of your friend from behind and from the front with your mobile phone, cameras or tablets.


Look at your images, evaluate, discuss, talk.

The tool-kit: Is there anything missing or anything extra in the tool-kit?


Self reflection: What was the easy and the good part, what were the difficulties about the process?

Observations of the pedagogues: How was the process? Were the kids excited? Were they curious during the process? Are there any new expressions?

Questions for the kids: What was on your mind in the beginning and how did it end up? Was it fun? Did you discover something new about yourself and your friends?


working with the 

The result of the workshop is always the secondary, the process and the exploration is the main thing – the meeting with the material and the characters. By the material they might become – superheroes, doctors, mothers, fathers, cops – but their appearances are totally different from the one we are used to see. This make us go somewhere else, to untrammelled land, in our reading of the outfit and in our fantasy and in the eventually play that occur.

with technology

"They were good to take pictures to each others, and help each others with the camera, and in giving good ideas on what the others should try out. It was also interesting to see how they were dressing the adults."

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 19.21.56.png

"I was Elsa. It feels like the only
thing the girls in the department
are talking about is Elsa. I had my
Elsa dress with a Somali knot,
gotino, like we tie a traditional
Somali dress."

in Konstföreningen Torget, Rinkeby


LTT 3 : Workshop 2 : Collective game design
created by Seçil Yaylalı
inspiration by board games



Gather in small groups.


Create the rules together. Discuss the aim, path, figures, and dice.


Play it a few times.


Present and re-modify the game with the whole group


Coming soon...

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