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Implementation: Workshop Individual - by Sigrids Stue

In Gellerup Sigrids Stue organized 2 workshops in collaboration with Gellerup library. The danish participants of BV took the lead and facilitated the workshops with two kindergartens in Gellerup. Here is some of the evaluation's notes: "The children were surprisedly engaged in the materials, they were quick in starting dressing up. Some of the children took inspiration from the pictures we brought. it was good to show them how they looked like when they were dressed up (by showing the pictures they took to each others), to reflect on what they were putting on and why. there was not a special focus on gender, but it was clear that some of them unconsciously did things in a certain way, for example two girls mirrored themselves, they started by using the materials to dress up as princesses, and they ended up dressing up like vampires. In the same way some of the boys used the materials to build swords and other types of arms. They were good to take pictures to each others, and help each others with the camera, and in giving good ideas on what the others should try out. It was also interesting to see how they were dressing the adults. "

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