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A visit to Tensta Konsthall

It was an opportunity to make it happen with the guidance of Fahyma Alnablsi who introduced us to the ongoing exhibitions of Enno Hallek, Anne Low, Christian Nyampeta, Joar Nango and Suki Seokyeongkang. Also, we got informed of The Silent University: Swedish Language Café that happens every Thursday and Sunday 14:00–17:00 every Friday and Sunday afternoon a Language Café led by Fahyma Alnablsi arranged. The Language Café welcomes those who wish to learn the basics of the Swedish and Arabic language, meet new friends and share experiences and ideas. Especially welcome are those students who are currently outside the Swedish education system while awaiting asylum. The Language Café is a part of The Silent University an autonomous knowledge platform for asylum seekers, refugees, and undocumented immigrants, initiated by the artist Ahmet Ogut.

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