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Preparation meetings in Tarlabaşı (2018), Gellerup (2019), Rinkeby (2019)

Beyond Verbal came about as a project during an early meeting of Förskolan Torget (The Preschool the Square, SE), Konstföreningen Torget (the Art Association the Square, SE) and PASAJ (BIS, TR) in the autumn of 2018. BV communicates on how we can meet each other over and beyond cultural and language boundaries, using creativity and participatory contemporary art processes as tools for communication and development in the concept of standard criticism, standard creativity and gender equality in early childhood and care, in socioeconomically deprived areas.

In the preparation meetings, the main theme, keywords, priorities and target group is reconsidered. An introduction about gender equality is followed with a discussion of the situation in the different countries - what do we mean by norm/standard criticism? After that, a discussion is carried on the contemporary social engaged art as a tool for development and communication beyond verbal. The actors involved: presentation + associated partners (and their roles) + participants ( who are they? how many? how to find them?) are readdressed. The mobilities and multiplier events is reconsidered with the overall budget, possible readjustments is discussed.

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