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Beyond Verbal - MIX by Jenny Berntsson

In my work from the studio at the preschool I was asked to make a workshop with the pedagogues on the Beyond Verbal project, during a working place meeting. Already done the series of workshops in Beyond Verbal I wanted to develop the project a bit further. I combined the methodologies of the workshops Beyond Verbal Individual and the additional work of Anna Strand “A walk to challenge stereotypes and prejudices”.

The steps:

1. Make a “friend photography” by grouping up two and two. Make a photo of each other.

2. Take a note. There is a character on the note, visualize it using materials that you find in preschool. Please don’t let anybody know about your character.

Everybody got the Swedish stereotype character word GUBBE. Gubbe is a word we use too often for all kinds of (male)humans. “Gubbe” is used in various ways such as: old man, strawberry (soil gubbe), gray haired man, happy old man, kind old man, uncle, old ostrich, football player, token, husband, father, mansperson, man, friend, any kind of player, athlete, filthy old man, warrier, craftsman, blunder, error, stupidity, tricks, cheeky attempts, peasant attempts like grimas, swear words… and so on.

3. Make a new “friend photography”by grouping up two and two - guess the character!

4. Workshops leader collect the images and make a presentation.

5. Watching the images together and discuss!

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