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A visit to Gellerup Library, an alternative one...

At Gellerup library we are welcomed by the librarian, Rikke. She tells us that Gellerup library is not a place where you only borrow and read books. It is among other things a meeting point where the youngsters get help with their homework, older people discuss what they read in newspapers and local citizens browse the net on the available computers. Inside the library there is an area for small kids to play and a citizen information point where local inhabitants of Gellerup can for example get help to fill up forms or job applications. Rikke is very enthusiast about working in such a place where developing projects and starting collaborations with other local organizations is easy and immediate. The library started also a project called Maker Space, based on design thinking with children. The library will move in the new Sport and Culture Campus in the new year, together with other organizations such as Brabrand-Årslev Local History Archive, the Circus and Gellerup Art Factory.

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